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A rhinoplasty is a nose job. Those who are getting a medical nose job to help them to breathe are getting a medical rhinoplasty. Those who are unhappy with the way that their nose looks will get a cosmetic rhinoplasty. There are multiple differences between these two types of rhinoplasites. There is also a certain way for you to choose your nose job doctor so that you can be sure you are working with the best. Take the time to understand these differences, and to understand how to have the best doctor possible.


Medical rhinoplasty can cover a lot of different operations. Medical rhinoplasty generally aims to open up airways to increase breathing abilities. There are multiple aspects of the nose that can be operated on. Generally, medical rhinoplasty involves blocked airways, or partially blocked airways. The rhinoplasty may not even change the appearance of the nose. The job simply requires the doctor to do what is necessary to open these airways up.

Medical rhinoplasty is important, as there are many who have trouble breathing. Those who have trouble breathing, and those who snore, should not hesitate to find a plastic surgeon.


Cosmetic rhinoplasty is much different than medical rhinoplasty. Cosmetic nose jobs cover any and all nose procedures that have the sole purpose of changing the look of the nose. Some people will remove lumps from the bridge of their nose. Others will increase mass to get rid of a sloping nose. Some people will change the tip of their nose, while others aim to change the width of their nose. All of these changes have no medical benefit. The change simply aims to readjust the nose, giving the nose a different profile.

Those who are looking for a cosmetic nose job should be able to confidently choose their procedure. They should find a plastic surgeon who has worked on men before, as they can often help you choose the final procedures.


It has been noticed that sometimes rhinoplasty is unable to give the look and shape to the nose as desired and this is the reason why it is necessary to correct the problem. The second time rhinoplasty is known as rhinoplasty revision. This is because of the fact that complete rhinoplasty is not performed; rather the earlier rhinoplasty is revised. This can be performed to correct the errors done in the first rhinoplasty. It is a critical procedure and has to be done by an expert who has the expertise and knowledge about it. 


The conditions of patients after this procedure may differ from person to person and this is the reason why they show different results. Most of the patients feel that they are back to their normal conditions within a week; however, other may take some more time depending upon how they have followed the instructions of their health care providers. During their recovery period, they may experience little to server pain in the nose, cold like feeling and discomfort in eyes which will start disappearing after sometime. The complete period for recovery may last up to three to five weeks after the surgery.


Rhinoplasty has gained popularity among males for last few years. It has been observed that males associated with the glamour world get this done to enhance their looks and personality so that they are able to stand out in a crowd. However, there are some concerns associated with the male rhinoplasty as they may get feminine look after the surgery if it is performed by a less competent surgeon. The surgeon must have enough experience and expertise in getting a masculine yet natural nose to the person. 


This surgery may have potential risks associated with it if it is not done by the professionals and experts. Some of the rhinoplasty risks include:

 recurrent nose bleeds

 nasal infection

 breathing problems and swelling

 visible scars

 loss of smell

 permanent nerve damage

 asymmetry.

These symptoms may occur if the person has not followed the instructions of the doctor or has not taken care of the nose well. In most of the cases, the risks are very few and can be handled easily. However, if the person experiences unpleasant symptoms for long period; he must inform his surgeon without further delay.